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  1. We all remember seeing the horrific scenes of the burning tower at Grenfell on the news over four years ago.

    The tragic loss of 72 lives was a dark moment for our country and the cladding scandal that emerged emboldened me to stand up for the rights of all those living in unsafe buildings.

    That event also was a lightning rod for the wider public and put a sharp focus on the quality of housing that many people live in – particularly in more densely populated urban areas.

    Working alongside other peers, I have tabled 8 amendments to various bills on this issue and am working closely with Liberal Democrat MPs to keep applying pressure on the Government to change tack.

    The most recent of these amendments was debated yesterday, but sadly the Conservatives once again voted it down. Their refusal to even explore what additional support we can give shows they simply don’t get the scale of the issue – or how it is affecting people.

    For the sake of all those families who have seen their livelihoods destroyed we must act. We owe it to them to ensure they do not lose out due to developer greed.

    The Liberal Democrats will continue to fight to End the Cladding Scandal for good.

  2. key_The Liberal Democrats will continue to stand up for the 0.7 development spending target that we enshrined in law - as we’ve done for over 50 yearsResponding to the Government winning a vote on its decision to cut aid spending in the House of Commons last week, Layla Moran MP, Lib Dem International Development Spokesperson, said: “The Chancellor’s criteria for restoring aid spending in the future are cynical and heartless. Only once since the turn of the century have his two tests been met, and they won’t be met in this Parliament. He has reverse-engineered conditions which will enable a potentially permanent move away from the 0.7% aid spending target.

  3. Sarah Green’s brilliant victory in Chesham and Amersham shows the huge political opportunity for us - as long as we can continue to apply the lessons from our 2019 election post-mortem.

    As part of this, a trio of motions have been submitted for our autumn federal conference. One is from the Federal Board (FB) on the party’s strategy. The other two are from the Federal Policy Committee (FPC), on the party’s values and our policy platform. Hopefully all three can be debated in sequence, so we agree values, strategy and platform in a joined-up way.

    Also submitted are changes to implement the major improvements proposed by the Party Bodies Review Group. These will make it easier to create, run and make a success of party bodies, replacing our current AO/SAO structure with one, simple system. That will help us involve more people in our work, and build a larger, healthier party.

    Among the other party business for conference is a set of rules for electing Isabelle Parasram’s successor as Vice President responsible for working with ethnic minority communities. Having consulted with the Chair of the Federal Appeals Panel, who will be the returning officer, it’s clear we need to have conference agree rules on nominations and campaign limits before a contest can be sensibly run. The Board will be putting options on both to conference so members can choose.

  4. Munira asked the Education Secretary to address the cost burden now faced by schools to provide preventative Covid-19 measures

  5. Munira and the Liberal Democrats led attempts to scrap draconian measures included in the controversial Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill

  6. Party Awards recognise publicly those who have given the party outstanding service and commitment in the past year. They are presented at Conference  and each winner receives a trophy to keep. 

    You can watch last autumn's presentation ceremony here and this Spring's awards here.

    We present three awards at Spring Conference, and five at Autumn Conference. You can nominate someone by clicking here. The upcoming awards are:

    The President’s Award

    Eligibility: open to any Party Member elected to public office and who has demonstrated excellence and commitment.

    Criteria: the winner will be recognised for outstanding commitment and service to the Party. Local, regional and state parties should be seeking to nominate people who deserve recognition for their hard work, long service, and demonstrable dedication to the party, at whatever level. It is expected to be special awards to be awarded from the Party for whom public recognition is overdue. Nomination portal

    The Harriet Smith Liberal Democrat Distinguished Service Award

    Background: this award is named for Harriet Smith, who campaigned and worked tireless for the Party, notably alongside Paddy Ashdown, with the Federal Conference Committee, and in the Bath party. A beloved figure, she is also missed from the Conference revue and by the team at the Liberator Magazine.

    Eligibility: open to any Party Member never elected to public office.

    Criteria: the Harriet Smith Award shares its conditions with the President’s award. Nomination portal

    The Belinda Eyre-Brook Award

    Background: this award is named for legendary campaigner Belinda Eyre-Brook, whose achievements with the Party include being Ed Davey’s agent in 1997, overturning 15,000 Tory Majority and establishing one of the party’s longest serving MPs.

    Eligibility: given to recognise and celebrate the efforts of people working for our elected representatives in their local areas - from local party employees, to political assistants to council groups, to people working in MPs’ constituency offices.

    Criteria: the winner of this award will care about their local area and be committed to the success of Liberal Democrats within it. Turning local political priorities into electoral success, and priorities for elected officials is a key part of the work of successful local Party figures - as is linking with the national party. Nomination portal

    The Dadabhai Naoroji Award

    Background: this award is named for the ‘Grand Old Man of India’, Liberal MP, and joint founder of the Indian National Congress, Dadabhai Naoroji. His work highlighting the reality of British rule over India and campaign for justice is an example to us all and his place in history, as the first non-white and first Indian Parliamentarian, is assured.

    Eligibility: presented annually to the local Party that has done most to promote ethnic minority participants to elected office as Councillors, Assembly Members, Members of Parliament or Members of European Parliament.

    Criteria: this award is designed to encourage local parties to work towards the goal of increasing their ethnic diversity to more accurately reflect the areas they represent, and to recognise those that already make a great effort to involve different communities in their work. Nomination portal

    The Penhaligon Award

    Background: this award is named for former MP David Penhaligon, a cherished former stalwart of the Cornish Party who took the seat of Truro in 1974. David was a prominent figure in the party and the nation and will always be remembered for his succinct advice to local campaigners: “‘stick it on a piece of paper and stuff it through a letterbox’.

    Eligibility: any local Party

    Criteria: presented to the local party anywhere in the world which demonstrates the most impressive increase in membership and exemplary activities to deliver and involve members and supporters. It recognises the hard work done to build a Party which is attractive and effective at a local level. Nomination portal

    The Patsy Calton Award

    Background: one of our more recent awards, the Patsy Calton is named for the former MP for Cheadle and is presented (and judged) by Lib Dem Women. Patsy was a hugely respected Parliamentarian and her legacy also lives on through her eponymous award given by Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

    Eligibility: exceptional women ranging from Councillors, to members, to Parliamentarians.

    Criteria: awarded to those who have achieved more for their constituents, the underprivileged in society, or perhaps even taken on government and changed things for the better. More information about the award and Lib Dem Women can be found hereNomination portal

    More details about the individual awards and who is eligible can be found here.

    Candidates must themselves be party members, and be nominated and seconded by two party members.

    What is the deadline and when will I find out?

    Nominations will close on Monday August 16th at 17:00.

    All nominators will receive confirmation of their nomination shortly thereafter. If your nominee is selected for an award, they and you will be informed by September 10th.

  7. Bid to remove protest powers from bill voted down.
  8. The UK Government has been urged to hand indefinite leave to remain to health and social care staff amid warnings of a “psychological and financial” burden on Britain's key workers.
  9. As you may have noticed, this Conservative Government doesn’t like to be challenged.

    Just look at how angry and red-faced Boris Johnson gets at Prime Minister’s Questions every week. Just listen to how often Ministers rail against lawyers and the courts, because judges sometimes rule against them. Just remember how they refused to do interviews with journalists who might dare to ask difficult questions.

  10. Sarah Green’s explanation of her shock byelection victory has some troubling themes for the PM.

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