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  1. With a million on the streets marching for a People’s Vote, tens of thousands crammed into Parliament Square  - and many more watching on screens along the route, the people today sent a message to the powerful: we demand to be heard, we demand to have the final say.

  2. Commenting on the outcome of the Letwin amendment vote, Ian Murray MP, leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said:

  3. Commenting on the proposed Brexit agreement, Margaret Beckett MP, Co-Chair of People’s Vote Political Committee, said:

  4. Commenting on publication today by The UK in a Changing Europe of its new report on the economic impact of Boris Johnson's Brexit proposals, Margaret Beckett MP, Co-Chair of the People’s Vote Political Committee, said:

  5. Leading manufacturers have warned of the disastrous impact Boris Johnson’s Brexit would have on their industries, because of the failure to secure continued UK participation in key EU agencies.

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