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Are you employed by an agency? Your rights could soon be under threat.

Currently, agency workers are entitled to the same basic employment and working conditions as if they had been recruited directly when they complete 12 weeks in the same job. This is EU legislation that the UK signed up to in 2011.
Michael Gove has already said that the Conservative government will overturn these regulations once Brexit is complete.
Why? So that employers can reduce their wage bill by keeping on hard-working employees at lower rates of pay. As it is, agency workers have no right to join a company pension, storing up financial difficulties for them in the future. Who will be affected the most? Women – who are more likely to have to take agency work as they try to combine supporting themselves financially with caring responsibilities. This is clearly discriminatory and we must be vigilant to prevent this race to the bottom which seems to be the hallmark of this government’s policies.
This is only one of the laws which protect workers’ rights which the Tories want to remove: this is what Brexit means to the Tories- squeezing working people to increase profits.

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