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An interview with Adrian Gee-Turner.

Adrian’s background.

Adrian was born in London in the 1960s and is the youngest of five. His father was a businessman and the family moved around various locations in the South East.
After leaving school, Adrian worked in agriculture in the Scottish borders, doing everything from lambing to forestry and working in a stable yard. At twenty he realised he needed to get some qualifications and studied at evening classes for marketing qualifications. He is now married to a Japanese wife whom he met while working and living in Japan. He is very proud of his amazing nine-year-old son.

So, tell me about your career.

I started out in agriculture, then I went into retail and advertising before going into the Medical Devices Industry at 26: I have stayed in that industry traveling the world working in Europe, the US, Japan and China.
I have continued to work in the medical industry based in Ashford. I now run my own marketing consultancy business in Ashford specialising in charities, politics and the medical industry.

Why did you move to Ashford?

I moved to Ashford from London seven years ago when I took a job with Smith Medical on Eureka Park. I am now based in Ashford running a small consultancy for companies who want to test the market in the UK as well as helping products developed in the NHS get to market.

What do you like about living in Ashford?

I could see that is was a good idea to move to Ashford as it is going places. It is a great place to be as it changes from a regional market town into a place for enterprise and growth with great prospects.

What would you change in Ashford?

I would want ABC to focus some more on preserving and enhancing the soft attractions of Ashford such as the landscaping so that it keeps its charm and the edges are softened. I think the council needs to pay more attention to detail and take the Town with it: not go ahead regardless of the feelings of residents.

When did you join the Lib Dems and why?

I used to be a Tory but left around the time the then Home Secretary Michael Howard brought in legislation which restricting personal freedoms, in particular the restricting the right to assemble. I was unhappy with the way the Tory government was taking powers to itself and away from the individual.

Have you been a councillor before?

When in London I was the Lib Dem Councillor for Hackney Wick. I also chaired the 17-member strong Lib Dem group on the Council. I was the first Chair of Scrutiny and Overview in the Country. I was also the lead Lib Dem Member on the Democracy Committee which is a group who met for three years and fed into the writing of the New Local Government Act. I am very conversant with the rules and regulations of Local Government as I studied Town and Country Planning as my first degree.

What is the most important lesson life has taught you?

I became diabetic when I was ten years old. I have to monitor my health every day to stay healthy and avoid the long-term effects of diabetes. I have an attitude of whatever life throws at you, you just have to carry on regardless and pick your self up and move on.

What are your guiding principles in life?

I am a committed Christian, although I don’t wear it on my sleeve. I think that’s why
I can’t abide people abuse their power and taking advantage of other people.
That’s why I joined the Lib Dems and have been an active trade unionist I am a NEC member of the PSA Professional Sales Association part of UNITE. I also do some Pro Bono work for Kent Charites helping with their marketing through an outreach program run through my Livery Company the Worshipful Company of Marketers. I am also a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing I specialise in problem solving for small businesses. And I love doing it as I get a great feeling of reward helping people out.

What do you see as the main issues in Downs North?

Downs North is such a beautiful example of Kent Countryside. It is important to keep it that way: we need to protect the environment whilst enjoying the benefits of modernisation. So yes, bring in broadband and 5G coverage but not new huge housing developments. We need to enhance the current housing stock but without destroying the character of what we already have.

How do you hope to address these issues?

I would strive to use my background in Town and Country Planning and marketing to convince the Planning Committee to understand how sustainable development in the countryside is the way to keep people who live in the countryside prospering and living fulfilling lives. We need to focus on the needs of those who work in agriculture to ensure the continued viability of farming in North Downs and beyond.

So, why should the people of Downs North vote for you?

I am experienced in the working of local government and will work to safeguard the interests of the ward. I was brought up in the countryside and worked in agriculture in my early years, so I have a good understanding of countryside issues and how to present them to a Council. I also understand, that for growth and sustainability, the countryside needs effective phone coverage and fast and reliable broadband.

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