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I returned to Kent in 2017 after a career teaching in a South African University.

My family home as a child was in Benenden in the High Weald, and Kent funded my education at St. Hughs, Oxford.

I have led and worked alongside many and varied voluntary organisations, from starting a hostel for the homeless when at Oxford to being National Chairperson of the World Development Movement, and in South Africa running a lifelong learning programme.

Now living in suburban Ashford, I am the current Chairperson of Ashford Libdems

Manifesto for Ashford Central

  1. Climate Emergency

House-owners need incentives to get older properties better insulated and utilizing greener energy. Recent green homes grants have been a fiasco. KCC needs to be the main local agent for any new grants, not a private company. This would uitilize local knowledge of housing and services as well as stimulating more local jobs in green building

  1. Library Services

As a former teacher, I know the value of a good library system. The county budget allocation for this must be retained or increased so that it is enough to retain the staff teams, maintain library buildings as well as develop digital subscriptions and systems. The town library is a valued institution for many residents in Ashford Central

  1. I am especially interested in transport. With more e-scooters in use and electric bicycles, the routes around Ashford need to be re-designed and improved. Air polllution from too much traffic is a growing health risk. Contracts with bus companies , especially for school transport, should require electric buses as soon as is feasible. Smart motorways are dangerous and the hard shoulder needs to be re instated on the M20.

       4. KCC is in charge of social services in the county. The pandemic has enabled us all to see just how valuable is the social care system and the people who work in it. We need to ensure that these employees are properly paid, with prospects for further training and promotion.

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