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Adrian, a 53-year-old business consultant, came to Ashford seven years ago and lives with his wife and son in Ashford Town Centre.

Previously, as a Councillor for a London Borough, he was the Chair of the Lib Dem Council Group as well as lead spokesperson on Business and Development.

Adrian has been a member of the Green Lib Dems and used to be an Environmental Auditor and Consultant before moving into the Medical Devices Industry

On the Climate Emergency, Lib Dems will urgently set the UK on the path to zero carbon emission by reinstating subsidies for house insulation and solar panels, by incentives for electric vehicles, investment in hydrogen power and more local clean power generation.

Lib Dems are business-friendly and favour a mixed economy where more investment can flow into growth points such as climate change technologies.

For rail commuters, Lib Dems would reform franchising, increase investment (H2 and Crossrail) sell early bird tickets, and run stations on greener energy.

Lib Dems promote lifelong learning, and by reversing Tory cuts to further education, will enable more young people and older adults to upskill for the new jobs, giving them grants to do so.

Lib Dems also support more powers for local government, reversing Tory cuts, and ensuring that development of social provision (schools, health, buses) grows along with the new housing.

Lib Dems are alert to inequity and deprivation and would spend more public money on mental health services, and in training for the care professions such as care-workers, nurses and the police.

Lib Dems value free movement across Europe and the contribution of EU migrants to the UK economy and the NHS.

EXIT-BREXIT: we resist attempts to turn the UK into a low-tax, low reg gig economy. Instead, we prefer the solid EU framework of rights and regulations built with UK input across the past 4 decades.

Adrian will open a constituency office in Ashford to give constituents of Ashford access to their MP.

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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