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The Brexiters want a small fortune to be spent for Big Ben to ring to mark Brexit and pretend that this is a cause for national celebration.

We know that Brexit marks a loss of opportunity for our country. It’s only happening now because Britain’s broken electoral system turned 42% of votes into 56% of seats for the Conservatives.

Parties that wanted a People’s Vote won 53% of the vote. No country in Europe and only one in the Commonwealth uses the same electoral system as Britain. Under any fair voting system, we would be facing a much different future.

But to change things we have to first deal with the world as it is.

I don’t want the Brexiters to be the only people putting out a message on 31 January. I want the world to know that many people in our country still believe in the ideals of Europe and we will insist on nothing less than the closest partnership and co-operation with Europe. We will hold Brexiters to account for their broken promises.

I am arranging for a 150 square metre banner with “We still ♥ EU” to be displayed, with the landowner’s permission, on a site above the White Cliffs of Dover.

We will have a professional drone operator to take images of it that we make available worldwide. ITV are sending a camera crew and we expect others will too.

To make this happen I need to raise £5,500 for the banner and drone operator.

You can donate online here

Please chip in whatever you can to help make this happen.

It is an honour to be your MEP. Thank you for giving me the opportunity. I am working at full tilt until the last second on 31 January – and after that, well, there is still plenty worth fighting for.

All the best,

Antony Hook MEP

Liberal Democrat MEP for South East England

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