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A giant thank you to all our volunteers and helper​s

Although the election was enormously disappointing for all Lib Dems we have had successes, they may be masked by the loss of so many of our dedicated and talented MPs and our leader​, Jo Swinson. Also, Boris and his new style right-wing conservative party victory bring​s salt to our injuries.

St Albans now has a new ​Lib ​Dem MP in Daisy Cooper, having defeated the incumbent Tory with a 17.7​% ​swing in this remain voting city. Daisy has been a local powerhouse campaigning against BREXIT, tackling climate change and securing extra funding for the NHS and schools.

We also won North East Fife off the SNP, the most marginal constituency in the UK with 2 vote victory for the SNP in 2017. This time​, Wendy Chamberlain won it by a comfortable 1316 votes, a 10.2% swing.

Munira Wilson takes over from Vince Cable in Twickenham. ​Munira is an experienced businesswoman with a professional, political and social track record.

In Ashford, we truly had a battle on our hands if we were going to defeat the Tories in one of their safest seats in the country and in a leave voting area, maybe not realistic! We were also hampered by the Best for Britain tactical voting suggestion being the leave supporting local Labour party candidate over our remain voting candidate. But even so, we increased our vote share by 4.0% over the 2017 election. We conducted an enormous campaign of leafleting and canvassing, we have recruited many new members and activists, we have learned new skills. I am tremendously moved and impressed by our campaign, we have upped our game as a party.

I acknowledge that we still have work to do ​and we will be discussing this over the next few weeks.

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